The College of Business Administration (CBA) at the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) has a reputation for impactful research benefiting a wide spectrum of stakeholders in Kuwait and the region. CBA is proud of its vibrant community of researchers who work collaboratively to generate internationally excellent research within and across key areas of business.

The 17th annual IFIP conference and doctoral colloquium (I3E2018) hosted by GUST this year, will focus on “Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Era”. With the exponential growth of digital forums across the world, it is imperative we explore different ways of adapting to new realities for conducting business. In this intellectual journey papers with originality, robustness and relevance will be presented by internationally renowned scholars.

In the digital era, opportunities afforded to consumers due to the amount of resources that are accessible in their palms, present challenges to companies that need to constantly create innovative strategies in order to stay ahead of the game. Similarly, customers are also challenged as they seek optimal ways of functioning in a market place that is constantly changing and becoming increasingly more complex. This conference will precisely address the challenges and opportunities in the ever-growing digital era.

Prior to the conference, a doctoral colloquium will be held to give Ph.D. candidates and research students an opportunity to present their work and interact with Faculty in order to get feedback and gain further insights. We welcome you to join us at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) for this very intellectually rewarding scholarly experience.


The College of Business Administration is AACSB accredited